Independent Financial Adviser in Richmond, London

Robert Wilcocks is an award-winning independent financial adviser based in Richmond, West London.

He recognises the importance of integrity, simplicity, hard-work and happiness. With his wealth of experience, he has developed his bespoke CLEARER model which is backed by real evidence and decades of experience.

Having worked in the financial industry for over 25 years, Robert has developed a true passion for working closely with fantastic clients and nurturing personal relationships on a daily basis. Now an award-winning financial advisor, Robert aims to help you measure and optimise the cost-effectiveness of your current investment plans, where you’re likely to be overcharged for the same service elsewhere.

As one of the top 1% of wealth managers working in the UK today, Robert Wilcocks is also well qualified to help you create a long-term personalised plan that helps you to secure your family’s financial future and achieve your life-long aspirations.

Robert’s wonderful relationships with his clients are built on trust, transparency, understanding and expert knowledge. Robert is known for his straightforward, concise advice. You won’t find any complicated jargon in his approach. By working alongside Robert, you’ll understand exactly where your wealth is being invested and why the decisions you make together are designed to help you live your best life.

About Robert

Robert Wilcocks is a widely-renowned financial adviser who has been featured in major UK publications such as the Times, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday. He prides himself on providing modern and unique insights to his clients about a vast array of financial services, giving his clients total peace of mind. As an award-winning professional, he is in the top 1% of practicing Wealth Managers and Independent Financial Planners in the UK today. His unique CLEARER approach is backed by Nobel prize winning research and has been proven to deliver decades-worth of reliable returns for his clients.

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How much are your investments costing you every year? It could be more than you think!

About £64 billion per year is being dwindled away through unnecessary layers of investment managers, product fees and fund charges. Robert’s promise is to rectify this type of client misleading and rightfully return your investment capital back to you. As a family-owned business, we don’t employ area or sales managers, and we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. You will be in direct communication with Robert, and will receive face-to-face service and personalised advice at a fair price.

Robert Wilcocks can help you Plan, Invest and Live better

Whether you need a plan for your pensions, investments, estate or insurance, Robert Wilcocks has the ability to maximise every penny of your wealth.

Can you afford to live your dreams? Have you thought about retiring earlier than you originally predicted? Robert Wilcocks specialises in planning the life you want to live, at the same time ensuring your legacy and family is cared for and protected along the way. Our life expectancy is increasing and retirement planning has never been so vital.


Let’s talk

If you’re seeking trustworthy financial advice, please get in contact with Robert Wilcocks. He can be reached on 0845 200 4041, or feel free to complete this simple contact form and he’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Robert Wilcocks can assist as an independent financial adviser in Richmond, Twickenham and across Greater London. Set up a personal consultation that’s suitable for you, whether it’s over the phone or in person.

Robert delivers an in-depth service to discuss your financial situation, taking the time to understand your future ambitions. Robert is available to answer all your queries and outline how his bespoke CLEARER model will benefit your life.

What our clients say

Mary Elson – Family leader, ex-editor, happy retiree, now often found educating her grandchildren

Rob and Martin’s support over the years has been invaluable. I have peace of mind about my finances and complete confidence that I am in the right hands.

What our clients say

David Sammel – former pro tennis player, now tennis and exec coach, usually court-side or in the sky

Learning my number was gold for me. It focused my mind on what matters most, gave me clarity, and ultimately I now know that I’m going to be okay.

What our clients say

David Sammel – former pro tennis player, now tennis and exec coach, usually court-side or in the sky

Learning my number was gold for me. It focused my mind on what matters most, gave me clarity, and ultimately I now know that I’m going to be okay.


Clearer is our 7-step wealth management model, designed by the Wilcocks brothers over ten years of being in business together. Clearer can help make you financially bulletproof such that, whatever happens, you and your loved ones are ok.

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Plan ahead and identify what your ideal lifestyle looks like and overcome problems holding you back.

Clear on the way ahead with purpose and energy.


Know and understand the number necessary to achieve, and then maintain your plan into the future.

Financially organised, with clear goals.


Investment proven to work over 6 decades ,and typical net gains of £15k per annum when compared to competitor portfolios.

Peace of mind on investing, with a portfolio linked to your goals.


Maximise pension, ISA and CGT allowances and reduce corporation tax typically by £8k per annum.

Enhance the monetary value of your plan and portfolio.


A backstop, linked to the number driving your plan, that strips out all risks within your personal and business life.

Protect shareholders equity value and the business profits, and maintain the lifestyle of all shareholders’ families in catastrophe scenarios.


An estate plan using a combination of wills, trusts and powers of attorneys and an added session to reduce inheritance tax.

Protect your hard earned wealth and ultimately pass this on to children and beneficiaries safely and tax-efficiently.


Quarterly reviews.

Remain focused on your plan, stay on track with your goals and avoid emotional mistakes related to wealth.

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