Robert’s CLEARER Process

Every plan needs a dependable strategy supporting it, one which is reliable and effective. With the CLEARER approach that’s exactly what you get – a strategy based on solid, indisputable evidence.

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The majority of financial products today are designed to be confusing and complex, purposefully making it difficult for consumers to know where they stand. You deserve a clear path – it’s your money after all. That’s why Robert Wilcocks exists.

He can guide you towards the life you’ve always aspired to live. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Robert – he will explain everything you need to know in order to become financially secure for the rest of your life.

An all-encompassing wealth management strategy

Robert is well regarded for delivering logical, forward-thinking and precise solutions for his clients, adopting a long-term attitude towards wealth management. He will ensure every area of your costs is minimised and every return on your investments is enhanced in a structured and well thought out plan.

In addition, Robert is available to provide advice in terms of alternative financial protection products designed to preserve your future. Robert works to address all aspects of your financial situation and looks to create and amend plans to organise your retirement, estate planning and worst-case scenarios. You’re in safe hands.

Achieving your goals

Designed specifically to help busy and time-restricted entrepreneurs, the award-winning CLEARER framework has been given national attention in newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday.

By working together with his clients, Robert Wilcocks uses this financial management process to tailor and customise a plan which directly relates to you.

Before the number crunching begins, everything starts with a conversation. It is Robert’s mission to understand exactly what matters to you, and what you value most. He will enquire about your life ambitions, hopes and dreams, all of which will most likely be attainable with Robert’s knowledgeable insight.

The next step in the process is to determine your number. This number represents the amount of money you will require to make your aspirations a reality. It serves as a goal around which the rest of your investment plan can be structured.

With your number in mind, Robert can focus on providing his clear and concise recommendations on how you can both work to limit your investment costs, develop succession plans, arrange insurance cover and safeguard your legacy.

It can seem confusing at first, but it is far more simple than you might think. After your initial meeting with Robert, he will take on the entirety of the legwork, research and detective analysis of your financial situation and scope out the very best options for you moving forward.

Clients value Roberts Wilcocks, and his approachable and considerate nature enables him to build lasting relationships. He will find a solution for you that you wont regret.

A personal note from Robert Wilcocks

“We all experience transition – it’s what being human is about. We change, adapt and evolve throughout life, so there’s no need to panic when it comes to making the next step in your journey. I don’t believe in making your life any more complicated than it already might be – that’s why I promise and pride myself on being as clear and direct as possible. You won’t find me bombarding my clients with tricky technical terms or complex charts and statistics. I want to know about you. What are your dreams and your life goals? I often find new clients are quick to entrust me with a range of financial services that I am able to deliver. With the right amount of trust and patience, clients are open to exploring a full array of solutions, from investments, pensions, estate planning and much more. As I’ve found, all relationships I have been fortunate enough to develop over the years grow naturally and end up producing fantastic outcomes. You will have complete control of the services you wish to utilise, through the CLEARER process that encapsulates all areas of your financial situation.

“I recognise that my clients desire reliable results and transparent costs, so that’s what I give them. I am an investor myself and I value the same integrity as they do. After reading this you may still feel unsure about taking the next step, but I can assure you, this is normal and completely understandable. However, if you want to start planning for a life you’ve never considered possible, get in touch with me. What have you got to lose? Let’s have a conversation, I’m here to help point you towards the life you actually want to live.”

Robert Wilcocks

The CLEARER Process

CLEARER is a 7-step wealth management model, designed by Robert Wilcocks over a decade of being in financial planning profession. CLEARER has the ability to make you financially bulletproof such that, no matter what, you and your loved ones are cared for.


Plan ahead and identify what your ideal lifestyle looks like and overcome problems holding you back.

Clear on the way ahead with purpose and energy.


Know and understand the number necessary to achieve, and then maintain your plan into the future.

Financially organised, with clear goals.


Investment proven to work over 6 decades ,and typical net gains of £15k per annum when compared to competitor portfolios.

Peace of mind on investing, with a portfolio linked to your goals.


Maximise pension, ISA and CGT allowances and reduce corporation tax typically by £8k per annum.

Enhance the monetary value of your plan and portfolio.


A backstop, linked to the number driving your plan, that strips out all risks within your personal and business life.

Protect shareholders equity value and the business profits, and maintain the lifestyle of all shareholders’ families in catastrophe scenarios.


An estate plan using a combination of wills, trusts and powers of attorneys and an added session to reduce inheritance tax.

Protect your hard earned wealth and ultimately pass this on to children and beneficiaries safely and tax-efficiently.


Quarterly reviews.

Remain focused on your plan, stay on track with your goals and avoid emotional mistakes related to wealth.

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