Robert Wilcocks can help to protect your estate and minimise your Inheritance Tax liability

Robert is a specialist in estate planning. Primarily based in Richmond, Robert works with clients across Greater London.


Let’s discuss estate planning

The prospect of not being around forever can be sobering – a thought that most of us understandably feel uneasy thinking about. Despite this, it is paramount to begin planning for your latter stages of life as soon as possible. If not addressed properly, your family may lose a significant amount of your legacy, because whatever you leave behind will be subject to hefty legal fees and Inheritance Tax.

Estate planning is extremely important. Robert Wilcocks works to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability drastically and ensure your loved ones receive exactly what you have entitled them to. Robert provides clear and concise help, free of complicated jargon, so that you know directly where you stand when it comes to managing your estate.

The earlier you take action, the better. By working with Robert, you will feel more financially empowered and liberated after organising your family’s future in a responsible and sound manner.

Preserving your legacy

Are you worried about defending your money and assets against Inheritance Tax? The burden of not knowing how to preserve and allocate your hard-earned legacy can be frustrating.

As a renowned and forward-thinking financial adviser, Robert Wilcocks works with clients around Richmond, Twickenham and Greater London. Robert vows to sit down one-on-one with you to properly assess your current situation and generate a robust plan to ensure your key assets and funds are protected indefinitely. From increasing your wealth through intelligent and reliable investment strategies to reorganising your pension affairs for maximum security and growth, Robert has the knowledge and capability to make you financially bulletproof.

Working alongside Robert could see you potentially cut thousands from your Inheritance Tax bill once you pass away, leaving your family with more funds to continue prospering in life. In addition, Robert will ensure you are aware of the many tax-limiting options available to you, including the use of trust funds and gifting to help your children in the immediate future.

A comprehensive approach to estate planning

Robert is a family man; he understands and promotes the concept of looking after those closest to you. Making solid plans which will determine the future of your legacy and the wellbeing of your children is something that should be given full attention. Robert promises to provide you with financial peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on enjoying your best life without worrying about the complicated details.

Should you need advice on any aspect of estate planning, whether it be organising power of attorney, amending a will or minimising your Inheritance Tax, Robert is only a phone call away. His outstanding service ensures your entire life is looked after and financially attended to. If you are interested in exploring your options with a simple and straightforward consultation, please contact Robert now.

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