Provide essential protection for your family in the years to come with a personal insurance plan

Protecting yourself and your family in the event that the worst should happen is essential. If you have concerns surrounding policies relating to life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, Robert Wilcocks can provide you with peace of mind. Robert is an expert in structuring your financial future, and can tailor a specific plan around what matters most to you.

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Income protection

Have you taken time to think about what might happen should you be unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances? The impact on both yourself and your family will be substantial, and it’s wise to have income protection insurance for this reason.

Robert Wilcocks can assess what type of cover is appropriate for you. He can also advise on the best options available in terms of how much of your income you wish to insure.

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Life insurance

A life insurance policy is essential if you want to guarantee your family will be looked after once you’re gone. If your family are unable to provide for themselves adequately, a life insurance payment will make a significant difference. We tend to worry about the costs of things such as funerals, mortgages and school fees – Robert Wilcocks can structure a plan which encompasses all of these.

The process for organising life insurance doesn’t have to be difficult and laborious. Robert will guide you in the necessary direction and will walk you through the various options available in a simple yet holistic manner.

Personal insurance can be an uncomfortable subject for many. Robert is straightforward and considerate when it comes to these conversations, working with numerous clients across the Richmond, Twickenham and Greater London region.

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Critical illness cover

The future is often unpredictable, and even the healthiest of us can fall victim to an unfortunate illness at any moment. Preparing yourself for tragic news is not always possible, but ensuring that you have the right plan in place to manage any financial disruption is encouraged.

Looking to arrange critical illness cover? Robert Wilcocks can help to secure you a tax-free lump sum if a serious condition including stroke, heart attack, cancer or other severe diagnosis should arise. It’s not always an enjoyable thought, but the ability to cover vital costs such as mortgages and medical bills plays a huge role in your financial wellbeing.

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Personal insurance is an essential part your long-term financial plan

Your personal insurance should be equally as important as your retirement planning and investment management. We want to see you enjoy your life and not have to worry about searching for a proper and effective plan.

If you feel that you could benefit from Robert’s expertise in Richmond, Twickenham or in the surrounding Greater London area, don’t hesitate to call. For a clear and concise, jargon-free and personal service, phone 0845 200 4041 today.

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